What It’s About

As a business leader in the mining industry, you recognize the importance of gender diversity and acknowledge it promotes innovation, increases sales, and strengthens your bottom line. Yet you are faced with the challenges of recruiting women of all races/ethnicities and backgrounds, in addition to retaining and advancing these women often in environments that are not set up for them to succeed.

This unique conference provides you as leaders with the practical resources and cutting edge methods to become proficient in recruiting, retaining, and advancing women and creating a more diverse and multicultural workplace for all.

Who Should Attend

This is a conference specifically designed for business leaders in the mining industry, the women they aspire to recruit, and the women they support who want to succeed and advance.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business Leaders in Mining
  • Chief Diversity Officers, VPs, Directors, and Talent Managers
  • People Managers, Line Managers and Business Unit Leaders
  • Mine Managers and Superintendents
  • Diversity Change Management Agents

2023 Game Changer Award Recipients

Rob Seibert

Denise C. Johnson

2023 Speakers

Lawrenda Enam Adzomani

Erica Colonero

Barbara Dischinger

Kevin PCJ D’Souza

Dr. Jackie Glenn

Debra Hamlin

Denise C. Johnson

W. Brad Johnson, PhD

Alisa Kolodizner

Bothwell Mazarura

Isabel Montes

Spencer Nicolary

Robin Pedrelli

Dr. Sheila Robinson

Howard J. Ross

Betsy Silva, MBA, PCC

David Smith, PhD

Susan Stith

Thank You To Our 2023 Sponsors

Our proud sponsors and supporters who make this event possible

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